Elf, middle aged, pale blond/skinny/pale/green eyes/resonably tall, wears clothes like a schloar


Alignment: Lawful good


Despite being an Elf, Aluna was born and raised in Sajuuk, the human capital, by a mother who had fallen in love with a human, but refused to give birth to a half breed who would forever be shunned in the elven world. Instead, to satisfy her taste for humanity, she took her only child, Aluna, away from the elves, establishing a home in the capital city and keeping to herself. Despite her lack in human-valued skills, Aluna’s mother managed to save enough money in the years ahead to send Aluna to a special school, the idea being to give her a better start in the human world. Shunned by the other students, Aluna’s focus in school gave her an edge, and she quickly rose through the ranks to become a powerful warrior. she soon found a job as an elite bodyguard for a minor lord in one of the outlying cities.

Quiet, and regal and slightly arrogent, Aluna acts human for the most part, but lacks thier desire for riches or companionship. A firm beliver in the the law, Aluna has no patience for criminals and lowlifes, and does not hesitate to use her considerable abilities to rectify these indivuals.


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