5’5’’, 122 lb, and a voice that grates, coupled with a face you that would be difficult to look at even if it where cast in gold; a physical disgrace to humanoids everywhere, that’s hard on even a goblins eye.

What else do you need to know to hate Anton?
Racial discrimination and regicide has occurred for less.


Less attractive then either a Goblin or Orc, and a voice that tears at the ears of listeners, Anton was born to human parents that disowned him rather quickly, leaving him to be found in a small coastal village.

He spent 6 years there being shunned and spat-on, living off the petty of a very few, working any way he could, and often running from the bullies of the village – even the more timid children cursed him openly, the most civilized adult sunning him, refusing such an abomination could exist. Unwelcome in anyone’s home, he found himself sleeping in the gutters, trees, and stealing away a few nights in a barn every now and then during winter; life was harsh and it was not long before Anton fled from there, stealing a map and food he made the journey alone one spring. The journey took 3 weeks on foot, almost killing him. Where he any slower, a dire bear would have surely eaten him for trespassing in a forest on the third day of travel.

Even though there was food to be foraged, Anton was starving by the time he reached the city and so, filching some food from the first stall he found, his new life began. It was not long before Anton learned the value of silence, as his voice aggravated many, and drew too much attention, and to wear baggy clothing, hooded rags, to hide his features, often moving from one city to another. He adopted the public life of a beggar, and was ignored buy many. However, there where still many thugs that thought him easy prey, and would often chase him away, sometimes mugging him. Learning quickly he became able to evade blows, and disappear into alleys and crowds; it was during one of these flights that a guild of (not safe to say) saw him, and took him into training.

For many months they pushed him, through many trials he waded, overcoming each one, and bearing witness to horrors undreamed of by common people, he grew hard, learned to kill and move unnoticed, yet grimy resisted any attempts to subvert his morals.

Some 7 years of near-poverty, and 2 years of training after leaving that small coastal village of his finding, he thanked the one responsible for training him and left that establishment also, for it was forbidden to disguise ones face there, and the other students had despised him, both for his appearance and abilities – making more then one attempt on his life. And so it was he left the establishment at the age of fifteen with nothing but a small amount of money (a gift from his only friendly tutor), a blade unseen, and 14 years of memories to haunt even a veteran soldier.

Anton strode out to prove an outlook such as the guilds, however effective, is not necessary to survive in such a world as this, for one such as he.


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