Aust Galanidel

elf with a tan and a scar from right eye to cheek.


hardy looking, with a scar going from his right eye through to his right cheek, relatively tanned, and with limited tolerance, and lots of patience.


From small farming vilage from the east, surrounded by forests. when travelling though the woods one day, a bear surprised me. i got away but the scar left by his claws has stayed with me for ever more. as such, i have vowed to never be caught by surprise by another such animal and have devoted my life to the study of the woods and trained to use hit-and-run tactics to outmanouever all of my opponents. as such, i have keener sight than most of my kind and prefer to stay at the back and fight with the bow. if a fight can be avoided, i try to stay away and avoid a confrontation unless absolutely neccessary and as such, many wanderers have been led safely through the forest while an invisible hunter guides and protects them, drawing them away from the village and into other uninhabilted parts of the woods. i have journeyed into the local human village in order to find out about a disturbance that i have sensed go through the forest, and am hoping that my human friends can provide some insight into the affair. From then on, having not found who i sought, i journeyed futher abroad…..

Aust Galanidel

Khorvaire Gulavhar