bald apart from a beard and dwarvishly


as a child, Harbek was poor and thus he learnt to become tricky and rogue"ish", he wasnt in poverty but still had little funds for purchasing goods and weapons.

since then he has joined minor guilds, and even made a few, none really achieved much and soon failed. examples of some guilds he made were, the guild of sneaky and rouge"ish"ness (he isnt particulary imaginative with names) and he joined the guild of rogues but wasnt quite strong enough.

Harbek is an alchemist, but always explodes anything he makes, he is becoming rather good and recognising different potions from their intensity and size of the explosion.

Harbek first started making potions in a street, he stole off a magician (vondal blizzardbreath) and mixed his very first decent potion. it was a very odd potion, unnamable, harbek woke up in his home with broken bits, of seemingly everything, around him, with no recollection of what happened after he drunk the potion, he became in love with the buzz and “high” he recieved after the potion from then he strived to make what ever he could, with what ever he could find.

the only potion he remembers how to make makes only his beard flame retardant.


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