Milo Tosscoble

Tall, for a Halfling, with deep blue eyes, and sholder-length jet black hair.


Milo has a deep hatred of all things Kobold, ever since he was found in the ruins of his family’s ancesteral home, hiding from the kobold warlord that killed his siblings and parents.

He learnt several valuable lessons on that day, not least of which was to pick a good hiding place, stay quiet, and always go for the jugular.

Ever since that fateful day, he has made it his mission to hunt down and kill every Kobold he can, weather they be man, woman, or child, with the same ruthless efficiency that they showed his family.

he stands a full head over the average halfling in his foster family, and is often found to dream of him finding the kobolts that killed his family and dispatching them one by one, his hands around the throat of each, while the survivors watch in hapless horror

Milo Tosscoble

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